Alphabet and Birds coloring pages

Birds come in many different shapes sizes and colors Found in every corner Of the globe. they are an important part Of the natural order: birds control insect populations. help pollinate plants and flowers. and fill woods gardens. suburban backyards. and city windowsills with song and movement. Birds are the only animals with feathers. and because Of their ability to fly. they have colonized the whole world—from the icy wastes of Antarctica to steaming jungles and barren deserte In all. there are over 9,000 species of birds
In this coloring pages find a bird for each letter Of the alphabet. along With three additional species. ranging from such familiar visitors as the robin. bluebird. and junco. to the toucan, xenops. and resplendent quetzal—beautiful birds found in tropical rain forests Use colored pencils. crayons felt-tip pens. and Other media to color these detailed. accurate drawings of both familiar and lesser-known birds of the world. With a research and study. youngsters and nature lovers alike can make the tuenty- ninc birds in this collection come to vi’.id. glowing life. book will also reinforce letter- recognition skills among younger readers, as well as stimulate interest in bird life and the natural